A Walk the Park in Andrews, NC

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Random and Blog 027My Dog Charley loves the park in Andrews, NC. Here we both get our exercise by running or walking along this approximate 1/2 mile track. Here we can enjoy the mountain views, the lovely creek that runs along the far side. However, Charley’s favorite spot is the river that runs along the front of the park.

Come see the Mountains!

It is easy to become complacent about the views around after living in one spot for awhile.  However, every time I am riding with someone from out of town, I am reminded again how lucky I am to live here in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.  MTN 057This is certainly an amazing place to live.  Here are some pictures that I took during my recent travels helping someone find their new dream house in the mountains.   There are some incredible views taken from or near someone’s own back yard. 2 024

Charley and Deer 001

Who Let My Charley Out?

On Saturday, May 9th, my dog Charley and I got up out of bed early to participate in Murphy’s Elementary School’s Who Let the Dogs Out?  5K race. 

It was great to see all the children, grades 3-5 achieve their goal of finishing this race.

Charley and Deer 005Charley would like to thank all these children who motivated her to start off strong and finish this race.  Aside from the occasional potty and sniffing breaks, she still managed to achieve a personal best of 36 minutes and I can’t remember out many seconds.  Believe me, it was a record that’s for sure! Charley and Deer 003

Congratulations to all the children of Murphy Elementary for a Job Well Done!

P.S. For those of you who are wondering, Charley is now sporting her new summer hair cut.  Done just in time for this race.Charley and Deer 008

Mountains Are Getting Greener!

Green 008

The mountains of North Carolina are now painted in bright shades of green.   Birds have already started their nesting. Green 019 Most of the fruit tree blossoms have fell and green leaves are taking their place.  That means we are getting closer warmer weather.

Time for more fishing, floating down the rivers, jumping into lakes, hiking and camping. Green 006 Granted some of us hard core people have continued doing this all through the winter months.  However, we will be soon be joined by many seasonal residents and other visitors who flock here during their summer vacations.  Green 002So, join me in welcoming these folks back home to the mountains!  Enjoy your stay!

Green 022

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Murphy NC is gearing up for another 5K run.  On Saturday May 9th at 8:00 am runners and walkers will gather at the

Hiwassee Valley Pool and Wellness Center for Murphy Elementary School Running Club’s Who Let the Dogs Out 5K run.    Select students, grades 3-5 are training for this event for the ultimate goal of completing this race.

Come join and support these students by signing up to participate as either a runner or walker.  Early registration is going on now through April 23, 2015.

For more information, please contact Tristan Hamby at tristan.hamby@cherokee.k12.nc.us.

My dog Charley and I hope to see you there!Fires Creek 010

Fires Creek

Fires Creek 036

Looking for a lovely place to spend a lazy afternoon in the Mountains of Western North Carolina?   Fires Creek offers a lovely day get away.  Fires Creek 053Located off of HWY 64 between Murphy and Hayesville, Fires Creek offers picnic areas, hiking, fishing spots and even places to dip your toes in on a warm summer’s day.   There is even a beautiful waterfall that flows right into the base of the park. Fires Creek 054 Though it is hard to see the whole thing from the side of the creek, there are hiking trails that will lead you to some of the upper parts of the falls.  Fires Creek 055For the more adventurous, you can wade across the creek to see the lower part of the falls.  However, do be advised that some of the rocks are very slippery and may cause you to fall and get wet.  I suggest that you bring a change of dry cloths in case this happens. Fires Creek 038 The other day me and my dog Charley, scrambled down the other side of the creek where there are more picnic tables and walked along the edge to cross a short part of the creek, resulting in only my shoes and feet getting wet.  I also believe my sunglasses are still there somewhere near the waterfall, but it was a small price to pay to see this entire waterfall during our visit.  Fires Creek 047Also, when at the park, do watch for slithery critters that maybe along the side of the creek or on the trails on warmer days.  We did not see any this time, but I was looking just the same. So, if you want to spend a relaxing day, listening to the sounds of a lovely creek while you fish or picnic, come and check out Fires Creek.  You will be glad you did!Fires Creek 015

Springtime In The Mountains



I love this time of year!  The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer.  My favorite thing about spring is see all the pear and cherry trees in bloom.

Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree



I was glad that I came back from my trip in time to see is amazing display.  Here are some of the many trees that are showing off their beauty this year!

Some of these pictures were taken in downtown Murphy.  Others were taken at the park.  There is also one was even taken where I work.

At Work

At Work

Pretty soon the rest of the trees in the area will sprout their leaves and painting the mountains green again.

For right now, I am going to enjoy these blossoms, because they don’t last long.  Enjoy!

In Town

In Town




Recently I had to travel to the St Louis, Missouri area. The best way to go from Murphy, NC is by HWY 64 West to Chattanooga. I couldn’t have asked for a better day to travel. After a week of nothing but clouds and rain, I welcomed the sunshine. Even though I had a long way to travel, I couldn’t help but stop at a few places along the and enjoy the scenery. There are many places to stop along the river, but one of my favorite is GOFORTH Creek. GOFORTH 10 Even if you have to be somewhere, this stop will not set you back too far on your travel time. Not far from where the 1996 Olympic Whitewater activities took place, this lovely creek feeds into the Oconee River and is a popular stop along the route along the river. Flowing down from the top of the mountain, the creek actually turns into a beautiful little waterfall just before its water joins the river. GOFORTH 5There is plenty of room for a parking approximately eight cars at the base of the falls. GOFORTH 8You can stand on top of any large rocks along the edge of the creek and take in some awesome views of the falls. So, if you are ever traveling on HWY 64 along the Oconee River, be sure to look for the sign that says GOFORTH Creek and stop for a moment to enjoy this beautiful water fall!   You will be glad you did!GOFORTH Sign

Afternoon Fun by the Oconee River

Oconee 4Last weekend my husband and I, along with our dog Charley, decided to take a drive west on HWY 64 to the site on the Oconee River in Tennessee where the 1996 Olympic Whitewater events took place.Oconee 16Oconee 2

Here is an awesome place to go for a nice stroll along the river. The Rhododendron Trail is an easy hike for all ages where you can enjoy the beauty of both the Oconee River and the Cherokee National Forest. There is plenty of parking for a small all day fee. All the trails are super easy to walking or bicycling . Cross the bridge either by car or by foot and at the end you will find several picnic places. Along the path you will cross bridges over small streams and enjoy several look out points along the river.Oconee 7 Oconee 12If you happen to be walking the trail shortly after a recent rain, you may be able to see some small waterfalls from these streams from the side of the hill. There are several species of plant and flower for you to admire during the spring and summer months. Depending on what time of day or week you visit will depend on the river’s water level, which is controlled by the Tennessee Valley Authority. When it is up, you will be able to experience the sight and sounds of the rushing river. Oconee 3On the other days when water levels are lower, you can get a closer glimpse of the river, stand or sit on the rocks and poise for a picture or just relax and listen to the gentle river flow. After your picnic and walk, enjoy a drive along the scenic HWY 64. There are more places to stop and gaze at the Gorgeous Oconee River! Oconee 6