Ravens Cliff Near Helen, GA

There are several things to do in the Mountains of Georgia. One of them is taking a hike to Raven’s Cliff.
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It is a lovely 2.5 mile hike one way along a creek.

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There are several waterfalls to see along the way. OCT 21 142




The main feature is at the end where you will see a great cliff. Inside that cliff is a long cascading waterfall in between a crack of this cliff. Here there are several rocks where you can sit and take a breather or perhaps have a picnic lunch before heading back. OCT 21 145 OCT 21 143It is a must see at anytime of the year. However, the best time to see it is after fall so you can get a better look at the waterfalls that are usually hidden behind the leaves.OCT 21 175 OCT 21 173 OCT 21 131